Zepto founders, the youngest members of Hurun India Rich List


Do you know the name of the first youngest teenager millionaire in the country that is Kaivalya Vohra.

He is only 19 years old and net worth of Rs 1000 crore

According to the IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich List 2022 his name is listed

zepto founder
zepto founder

After him Aadit Palicha age of 20 years old, his teammate has net worth of 1200 crore,

Both are Stanford dropout and decided to start entrepreneurship

Both are childhood friends and gorw in Dubai, during coranavirus they started online grocery delivery

Initially their venture was named KiranaKart partnered with local grocery stores for delivery online.

Later they changes it’s name to Zepto and raised $60 million of funding in Nov 2021

They said , our platform promised 10-minute grocery delivery

In December their next funding round they raised $100 million, and their company zepto valuation goes to  $570 million.

Forward in May 2022 , Zepto received $200 million of funding and its valuation goes to $900 million.

Due to more than 50% rise in valuation of Zepto, both the founders Vohra and Palicha became youngest members of India’s rich club.

According to Hurun Research Institute, Vohra making his debut in the rich list is an indicator of the growing influence of startups in India.

Ten years ago The youngest age of millionaire was 37 and today, is 19, indicating the impact of the startup revolution,” they added.

Both Vohra and Palicha have also featured in Forbes magazine’s influential “30 under 30 (Asia list) in the e-commerce category.

For Palicha, the startup journey began at 17, when he founded a student carpool application in Dubai, called GoPool.

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