Do you Know who is  Radhika Gupta ?

She got the title to be the youngest CEO In India

There was a time, when at the age of 22 she contemplated suicide after several job rejection

Currently she is the CEO of Edelweiss MF

Radhika Gupta was born with crooked neck

Her father was a diplomat, and she travelled several country like Pakistan, New York, Nigeria etc

She said, in classroom because of her Indian accent she was called by his classmate “Apu”, a character from Simpson

In school she always bullied for her Indian accent and crooked Neck and facing several job rejection after college

Later she started her carreer with McKinsey

After 2008 financial crisis, she moved to India and decided to run her own asset management company with her husband

Few years latter her company was acquired by Edelweiss MF

When Edelweiss MF was looking for CEO, she applied and few months later She became India’s youngest CEOs at the age of 33