World famous Chess Player Magnus Carlsen resigns from a match.

On Monday against a 19 years old American boy Hans Niemann, he withdrew from match just after one move

According to the report Niemann cheated in a recent victory against the Norwegian grandmaster,

This added a new chapter in storyline that have gripped the chess world

Both the player were playing an online match on Monday in the Julius Baer Generation Cup, using the Chess24 platform via Microsoft Teams

Then suddenly Carlsen’s webcam get switched off while he was on the clock for his second move.

“What happened? That’s it?” exclaimed Peter Leko, a grandmaster who was providing analysis on the feed.

“We’re going to try to get an update on this,” said fellow analyst and international master Tania Sachdev. “

Magnus Carlsen just resigned. Got up and left. Switched off his camera, and that’s all we know right now.”

However, Carlsen, was leading the tournament in the early going at the time.

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