Scientists announce a new doomsday scenario, due to the effects of climate change begin to take a stronger hold

According to a new study, leaving tens of millions of people more vulnerable to rising sea levels

According to research by Singapore's University NTU, Rapid urbanization has seen these cities draw heavily on groundwater to service their burgeoning populations

In this list Vietnam is the most-populous urban center and main business hub

It’s  Ho Chi Minh City, was sinking an average of 16.2 millimeters (0.6 inches) annually

The study survey is based on  satellite data, who shows the warning sign for  48 large coastal cities around the world.

In the list second name is The southern Bangladeshi port of Chittagong

In the list few more names are western Indian city Ahmedabad, the Indonesian capital Jakarta and Myanmar's commercial hub Yangon.

These cities are also sinking more than 20 millimeters in peak years

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