Advantage of Short term trading over Intraday trading


In this article we will demonstrate the advantage of Short term trading over intraday trading . Both are different trading style and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. But if we generally check then short term trading have several merits over intraday trading.

What is Short term trading

In short term trading a trader makes his position  and hold his position until he does’t get his target or stop loss. In short term trading trader can hold his position for few days or few weeks, it depends on traders own decision. Whereas in intraday a trader book his profit or loss on same day.

In short term trading you select a stock based on technical analysis. If the stock will be in uptrend and you are clear with stock trend, then the possibility is, you achieve your target, mean while you get some small correction but in most cases stock hit the target. you only need to hold your position with patience, and as the stock moves upside simply trail your stop loss.

So in short term trading you have the benefit if the trend of the stock is positive and for any reason stock fall some points and you still want to hold your position then you can hold it.

Whereas with intraday you have to close your position at the end of the day either with profit or loss.

Disadvantage of short term trading

But the big disadvantages with short term trading is uncertainty or news flow, you always have a risk of positive and negative news flow, like, election result, war, economic crisis, and lots of other sentiment that is the risk you always have with short term trading, so initiate your trade according to it.

Some time you carry your short term position and in the night in Global market any  bad news come , then next day probably it will impact Indian market and in that case you will have to book some losses.

Intraday trading

In intraday when you trade than you have only 6 hours , in these hours first 30 minutes is very volatile, because in early session lots of fund actions and large block deal happens.

So for a new trader its very risky  to trade in these time duration, same happens in last  30 minutes before the market closing but not always.

Next important thing is, in intraday you have very short time so keep your stoploss according to that. In intraday generally stock rally average 2-3% so your stop loss shoud be .5 to 1 %, so if you keep your stop loss large then in most cases you will loose the money.

Second major issue with intraday is  overtrading , suppose if you get loss in early session, then by human nature you will think that you can recover the loss , so to recover it you will do lots of trade again and again , and at the end you will have to pay a large amount for your broker as brokerage and taxes.

Next thing is using margin, Now sebi has reduced the margin facility, but still you will get little bit margin from broker.

Few month ago trader use high margin to take trade, they generally use 10 to 20 times of margin on their capital  that was very risky. If we take an example , suppose you have 10,000 in your account and you choose Stock A whose current market price is 500, so if you buy it without margin then you will have only 20 stocks , but if you use 20 times of margin in intraday then you can buy 400 quantity, now the risky part is  —-

if stock goes  1% up that is 5 rupees then your profit would be 400 * 5= 2000 rupees

but if you entered at wrong  place and stock goes 2% down that means 10 rupees , then you get a loss of 400 * 10 = 4000 rupees that is the 40% of your capital, next time you don’t have much capital to take trade, that ‘s the issue.

We say that positional trading is good because , suppose you have chosen a  good quality stock  then its possible it will not go up one day or couples of day but later it will  catch the rally , then you can book your profit.

Now important point is when you trade in intraday then always trade with sufficient balance, don’t take too much of margin, so the advantage would be  if you are in minor loss at the end  and you think in coming 1 or two days stock will definitely go up then you can convert your intraday position to delivery. but  for it you must have sufficient balance in your account.

Best moving average crossover for short term trading

Again some trader have questions in their mind about which is the best moving average crossover for short term trading ?

If you trade on moving average then you can follow these parameters.

In ssort term trading we mostly use daily time frame and 200 days, 100 days 50 days and if you want then you can also also add 20 days exponential moving average.

If we talk about moving average crossover then you need to focus these combination if 20 days will crossover 50 days and 50 days will try or try to crossover 100 days and again if 100 days will try to cross over 200 days moving averages then you can consider the share or index is in uptrend.

Among all these 20 days would be very fast it’s possible 20 days would be already crossed 100  days and 50 days. But you can not take trade only on the basis of these things , you should also use some other indicator and price volume action before initiating your trade.

But off course moving average cross over is very important for swing trading, most of the trader use it properly and make huge money. Here is an example in the below image-  


So my advice would be if you have sufficient capital then try for short term trading in cash stock (not future in starting) with proper strategy and discipline. You can also try for intraday but don’t take too much of leverage and don’t do overtrade. That’s it for this article, if you found this article informative and helpful then don’t forget to share it with your friends and social media account. Thank You.

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