Reliance Share Price Target | Reliance Share Price Target 2022


Reliance Share Technical Analysis

reliance share chart
Reliance share chart

Reliance Share Status

Reliance share  chart looks very attractive. Share is currently trading around 2500 level.

Reliance chart analysis

If we check the Reliance share chart on a bigger time frame, from last one year Reliance Share is trading in a range, around 2240 share have a strong support zone and above around 2800 Reliance share take resistance.

In April 2022 Reliance share have touched all time high, then corrected from there and making a trend line.

If the Reliance stock breaks the trendline resistance, then stock can achieve the 2800 level there is also a strong resistance.

Above 2800 level we can expect a large and good move.

Reliance Share Price Target

First Target for Reliance share price – 2675

                Second Target for Reliance Share price – 2780

                First Stop loss for Reliance Share – 2340

                Second Stop loss for Reliance Share – 2230

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Reliance share Results

RIL Q2 Results for FY2023: Cons PAT falls 0.2% YoY to Rs 13,656 crore despite sales growth

Reliance shares latest news

Jio Financial Services demerger and listing

Reliance board has approved the arrangement between the company, Reliance Strategic Investments (RSIL) and their respective shareholders and creditors.

Under it Reliance will demerge its financial services undertaking into RSIL which will be renamed as Jio Financial Services (JFSL).

The new firm will be listed on the Indian stock exchanges.

Reliance Share recommendation

Reliance share for long term perspective

Reliance is India’s largest company by market cap. In short term we can see some volatility and correction, but for long term it is an investment stock, which shold be in your portfolio.

Disclaimer: These targets are given by our own analysis, before buying or investing in this share please take advice from your financial advisor.

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