How to earn 1 lakh per day-Most Prominent way


How to earn 1 lakh per day from Share Market? If you regularly check social media platform like YouTube and twitter, then you must have checked traders are make millions in Share Market. I am not saying all those traders are genuine, but few of them, who are making 1 crore or more per week, Is it unbelievable? No its true, they are really making a good amount of money from Stock Market.

In this article i will discussed the best way by which a trader can make 1 lakh per day from Share Market. Let’s start—

how to earn 1 lakh per day
How to earn 1 lakh per day from Share Market

Is possible- 1 lakh per day from Share Market?

Yes, it’s possible to earn 1 lakh per day by trading in stock Market. To achieve this goal as a trader you need lot of patience and hard work. Its’ not easy task to earn daily such a big amount but because the share market doesn’t not work daily same way. So you need to apply different trading methods according to market Situation.

There could be the possibility that on day you would earn less than 1 lakh and next day more than a lakh, so finally at the end of month if you will calculate then might be possible that your stock market earning could be around 1 lakh per day.

Most Realistic way to earn 1 lakh per day from Share Market

In Share Market there are different ways to earn money. You can earn by doing trade in cash stock, in derivative segment , taking delivery, options buying and options writing etc.

But if you really want to earn 1 lakh per day from Share Market then the best way would be trading in FNO Segment which is trading in Stock Futures and Options, and the second way is trading in index option,  in Bank Nifty.

Trading in Stock Futures

 To earn 1 lakh per day from stock futures, you should have the depth knowledge in technical analysis, how to read chart, how to find support and resistance, price action, timely entry and exit and so on.

Apart from it you should have the knowledge of derivative market , how future price works, how to predict the stock trend, analyze the open interest etc.

Future trading is highly risky and highly return instrument, before choosing a stock you need a deep and perfect research, next you should need high level of expertise and quick decision making sense.

  If you think you have all these quality then you can earn 1 lakh per day from future trading, if you trade in futures with deep knowledge and skill then future trading could destroy your future.

Trading in Stock Options

This is the second way , you can earn 1 lakh per day, In Share Market a large number of traders earn millions of money by writing (selling) stock options.

In stock option trading you can find a stock  with breakout or breakdown and as a option seller they earn profit either by selling call option (when your  view is bearish on the stock) or selling put option (when your view is bullish on the stock).

Some of the retail traders also try to earn money by stock buying but only few of them get succeed.

But most important point is that you should only trade in ln those stocks which options are liquids, there lots of buyer and sellers are available at each tick, otherwise you can stuck in option trade.

Trading in Index Options

This is the most popular way of trading, a larger number of traders earn millions each week by trading in index options. For trading in index options you can trade in Nifty options , Nifty finance options and also in Bank Nifty options. But Nifty and Bank Nifty options are highly liquid, and most of the trader prefer to trade in Bank nifty Options.

I you have perfect skill and you know how to trade in bank nifty then you would earn 1 lakh per day from bank nifty options.

In Bank Nifty Options you can trade either by selling the options or by buying the options.

Index Options Writting

Option selling or writing is  same, options  seller are generally known as options writer. It is always said that there is unlimited risk in options writing and limited risk in Options buying, but the fact is from 7 out of 10 Options writer make profit, on the other side only 1 or 2 out of 10 Options buyer make money.

If you have little bit more knowledge than a beginners Option writer then you could make money by options writing. In Stock Market most of the trader who make good amount of money they are mostly options writer.

Mostly big trader and big intuitions are option writer, because to write one lot you need full margin that would be around 1.50 lakh, so you can calculate to write 10 or 20 lots how much money you need.

But there are strategies by which you can reduce your cost of writing per lot.

On twitter you can find some big names who earns 50 lakh to 1 crore INR per month only by bank nifty options writing.  

Index Options Buying

This is the next way by which you can earn 1 lakh per day from Share Market. But as compare to Options writing , Options buying is not as easy , for option buying you need to be more precise, you have the top level of quick decision making sense, You should have full control on Bank Nifty chart reading, then you could earn buy index Options buying. You should be a momentum trader, who could cath the momentum of the index.

There are only very few traders who are Options buyer, because options buying is higly risk, if you don’t have the knowledge how to trade in options then your entire capital could be zero .

In Share Market one name Ghanshyam Yadav is very famous who is basically a bank nifty options buyer, he is also known as king of Options buying. He made crores only buying bank nifty Options. He is the owner of two youtube channel , Art of Trading, and Ghanshyam Tech, where he shares bank nifty options related strategies.


 Here is the end of the article where i have discussed, how to earn 1 lakh per day from Share Market, most prominent way of making money, who is used by a number of traders these day in the market. But

One thing you must be remember, if today they are making millions then to achieve this goal they have given their several years to market to learn and practice everything with patience.

Disclaimer: Here the information given is only for learning purpose, trading and investing in Share Market could be risky, so please take the help of your financial advisor.

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