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In this post we will do a Gravita India share analysis in depth,  their fundamentals, future view, company’s outlook, their financials, shareholding patterns, share forecast etc.  Based on company’s fundamentals and technical analysis, we will try to predict Gravita India share price target 2023,2024,2025.

gravita india fundamental analysis
Gravita India fundamental analysis

About Gravita India

Established in 1992, Gravita India Ltd is one of the largest lead producer in India. The company’s business is organized across four specialized verticals: Lead Recycling (flagship), Aluminum recycling, Plastic recycling and Turnkey projects.
The company also has expertise in the recycling of used batteries, cable scrap/other Lead scrap, Aluminum scrap, Plastic scrap, etc.

Gravita India Share Price Target 2023

YearGravita India Share Price in 2023  
2023₹530  to  ₹580

Company Overview

Company NameGravita India Ltd  
Market Cap (Cr.)₹ 3,425
Stock P/E 19.2
Book Value₹ 67.5 
P/B (Price to Book Value)7.38
Face Value₹ 2.00
ROCE31.2 %
ROE42.9 %
Dividend Yield 0.60 %

Business Overview:

Product Portfolio
The Co’s product is classified into 5 verticas:Lead recycling, Aluminium recycling, Plastic recycling, Rubber recycling, and Turnkey Solutions. Some of its products are Pure Lead, Specific Lead Alloy, Lead sheets, Lead powder, Pet flakes and many more.

Key Highlights:

Gravita India Limited exports ~51% of its total turnover of the company to countries outside.

Manufacturing Units
The Company has 12 Recycling plants with a Production capacity of 2.05lac+, of which 30% of its capacity is from overseas. In FY22, its Capacity utilization was 67%.

User Industries
The Co provides services in four key segments: Battery Manufacturers, Cable manufacturing Industries, Paint & Pigment industries, Die Casting Industry and Plastic industries.

Customer Base
The Co has a global clientele of 300+ customers in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas, spanning 35+ countries. Its India operations cater to 200+ domestic customers in 22 states, and 75+ customers in 31 countries around the world.

The company’s main clients include names like Schneider Electric, Exide, Tata Batteries, KEC, Amara Raja, KEI, Prysman, Panasonic, etc. 

Geographical Revenue
The Company generates 51% of its revenue from outside India and 49% of its revenue from India.

Procurement Network
It has 29 Own yards, 1400+ Touch points across the globe, with a Scrap collection of 1,80,000 MT+ in FY22.

In FY22, 54% of Raw materials domestically collected within India vs 29% in FY20.

Order Book
The Co has an order book of 60,000 MT+ as of March 2022.

Future Plans
The Co aims to increase its Non-Lead business to 25%+ by 2026 and to enter into new verticals like E-Waste, Lithium, Rubber, Copper & Paper.

The Company aims to increase its capacity to 4,25,000 MTPA by FY 2026.

Gravita India Financial Review (Important Points for Investors)

  • Company sales are increasingly and company generating regular profit. Company’s oprating margin is around 8-10%, and from last few quarters company’s performance is impressive.
  • Company’s balance sheet is strong and they have good reserve  452 crore (Sept 20222),  which is  increasing.
  • On March 2022, Company’s  total reserves was INR 2,216 crore, which increased in sep 2022 to INR 2,718 crore.
  • Company have a small equity only INR 14 crore, which is very good.
  • Company regularly giving dividends to their investor, which is good.
  • Company also have a fixed assests of INR 199 crore.
  • Company’s debt is under control, company’s debt to equity ratio is 0.65 which is below 1, that is a good thing.
  • In company promoter holding is around 73%, which is very good.
  • If we talk about FIIS and DIIS holding, then FIIS holds 3.48%, and DIIS holds 0.21%, while retail people have 21.29% stake in company.
  • From recent quarters FIIS and DIIS have increased their stake in company.
  • Company has delivered good profit growth of 33.2% CAGR over last 5 years.
  • Company has a good return on equity (ROE) track record: 3 Years ROE 30.5%.
  • Company’s median sales growth is 22.0% of last 10 years.
  • Company stock price is trading above it 200 dema, which shows the strength in company’s stock price.

Gravita India Share Price Target 2024, 2025

Gravita India Share Price Target 2024

YearGravita India Share Price in 2024  
2024₹650  to  ₹690

Gravita India Share Price Target 2025

YearGravita India Share Price in 2025  
2025₹780  to  ₹820

Gravita India Share Price Target 2030:

YearGravita India Share Price in 2030  
2030₹1800  to  ₹2000


Overall, Gravita India fundamental looks strong, and company’s sales are increasing that’s why company regularly generating profit, their debt are under control, Company have good reserve and in coming year we can expect a good growth.

Here is the end of the post Gravita India share price target 2023, 2024, 2025-2030, hope you got some value, please post your valuable comments below in comment section.

Source: Gravita India Annual Report and Internet

Disclaimer: On this page all the mentioned entries are based on the date the post was written, these could be change in future.

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