Eicher Motors sales figures for September 2022


Eicher Motors sales figures for Sept Month

eicher motors sales figure

Middle weight Motorcycle maker Eicher Motors has declared it’s sept month sales figure.

Company’s unlisted subsidiary VE Commercial Vehicles had sold 6631 units of commercial vehicles in September month

Which is 9.2% growth from the previous year which was 6070 units

Total domestic sales of company increased by 14.7% to 5992 units,

While total exports fell by 35.8% to 506 units in September month compare with September 2021.

In Volvo Trucks & Buses segment sell surged 137.5% from 56 units in September 2021 to 133 units in September 2022.

Company said, they have recorded a growth of 145% in Sept 2022 with sales of 82,097 motorcycle units as against 33,529 units in the month of Sept 2021

With the news impact On 3rd Oct, share of Eicher Motors was traded at the level of 3563 with 3% down. Sales of models with engine capacity upto 350cc had jumped by 191% to 74,206 units while sales of models with engine capacity exceeding 350cc had slipped 1% to 7,891 units in September 2022 over September 2021

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