Big Breakout in Bharti Airtel Share – Short term target  2022 (Oct – Dec)


Bharti Airtel Share Target Price : In the article I will discuss about Bharti Airtel Share Chart, what would be the short term target, On the basis of Daily, weekly and monthly chart analysis we will try to find out the short term target for Lic share and currently what is the direction of the stock.

Bharti Airtel Share Price Target Short term 2022

Daily Chart Analysis

From the last one year The share of bharti airtel was trading in a range , On 6 sept stock has given a breakout.

After breakout stock has spent some time and retest its breakout level, now from support level we have seen a strong buying in bharti airtel share.

This analysis is on daily chart, last day stock has formed a big large candle and closed around 800 level.

Now it seems that Bharti Airtel stock should go in upside direction. So if we find out Bharti Airtel next target then it would go to 850 level, and next target should be 900 level.

If we talk about support zone then recently stock have retested the level of 750, now it should act as a strong support for bharti Airtel Share. If the stock close below this level then the stock will be go to downside.  

Direction– for short term daily chart the stock direction is in uptrend.

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If we check the Bharti Airtel chart on Weekly basis , then chart is very clear.

You can find stock have retested its support and resistance zone several time now after a long time , stock has given a strong breakout. And one the basis of chart stock should go to 900 level.

News for Bharti Airtel Share –

Recently on Oct 1 , Our Prime minister Mr Narendra Modi  have launched the 5G service in India, and that is very positive news for Telecome company, that could be the reason for upside in bharti Airtel Share.

Target on the basis of Daily chart Analysis

Stock NameTarget 1Target2Stop Loss
Bharti Airtel850900760

Target on the basis of Weekly chart Analysis

Stock NameTarget 1Target2Stop Loss
Bharti Airtel900950750

DisclaimerWe are providing these level based on our analysis only for education purpose, before buying or investing in any stock ,consult your financial adviser.

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