Best penny stocks to buy right now in Indian Stock Market


In this post we have find best penny stock to buy right now from Indian Stock Market. These stocks are fundamentally strong companies. As the market is corrected these stocks are trading at attractive level. In this post we will discuss in why these stocks should be the part of portfolio. Let’s check these stocks one by one.

Best penny stocks to buy
Best penny stocks to buy right now

Here is the list of Good penny stocks to invest in right now

Andhra Petrochemicals Ltd

The Co. is a Joint Venture company promoted by The Andhra Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation and The Andhra Sugars Ltd. The Company is the sole manufacturer of Oxo-Alcohols in India employing the state-of-the-art technology “Selector-30” provided by Davy Process Technology, London, UK. 

Company’s products are used in various industries like Application in resins, animal fats, vegetable oils, dyestuffs & coating industries, Coatings Textiles, Intermediate for glycol ethers, Flotation agents, Cleaners and floor polishes, Additives in gasoline, Chemical intermediate (esters, alkylamines), etc.

 Andhra Petrochemicals Fundamentals

Company NameAndhra Petrochemicals Ltd  
Current Stock Price
₹ 59.3
Market Cap₹ 504 Cr
 Debt to Equity Ratio0.16  (Should be less than 1)
ROCE63.5 %
ROE56.1 %
Stock P/E13.8
FIIS0.35 %
DIIS0.02 %

Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd

Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd (EKC) is engaged in the manufacture of high-pressure seamless gas cylinders along with other cylinders and equipments used for containing and storage of natural gas, liquids and air.

The company’s wide and versatile range includes Industrial Gas Cylinders, CNG Cylinders, CNG Cylinder Cascades, Jumbo Cylinders, Jumbo Skids, and Composite Cylinders.

Everest Kanto Cylinder Fundamentals

Company NameEverest Kanto Cylinder Ltd  
Current Stock Price
₹ 80.8
Market Cap₹ 907 Cr.
 Debt to Equity Ratio0.15  (Should be less than 1)
ROCE40.9 %
ROE33.9 %
Stock P/E7.23

National Aluminium Company Ltd

National Aluminium Company Limited, abbreviated as NALCO, (incorporated in 1981) is a Navratna group ‘A’ CPSE. NALCO is engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling of Alumina and Aluminium.

The Company is the lowest-cost producer of metallurgical grade alumina in the World and lowest-cost producer of Bauxite in the world as per Wood McKenzie report.

The Company is operating a 22.75 lakh TPA Alumina Refinery plant located at Damanjodi in Koraput district of Odisha and 4.60 lakh TPA Aluminium Smelter located at Angul, Odisha.

National Aluminium Company Fundamentals

Company Name  National Aluminium Company Ltd  
Current Stock Price
₹ 82.6
Market Cap₹ 15,180 Cr
 Debt to Equity Ratio0.01 (Should be less than 1)
Stock P/E7.41

Man Infra construction Ltd

Man Infraconstruction Limited (MICL) is an integrated EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) company with experience and execution capabilities in Port, Residential, Commercial & Industrial and Road construction segments.

The Co has two business verticals EPC and Real Estate Development. In the EPC Business the Co has executed construction of around 25 million sq ft of Residential & Commercial Buildings and 7 Private Ports in India. 

The Co has also executed the construction of 3 Residential Towers of 55 storey which is one of the tallest towers’ in the western suburb of Mumbai. 

Man Infra construction Fundamentals

Company NameMan Infraconstruction Ltd  
Current Stock Price
₹ 79.0
Market Cap₹ 2,929 Cr
 Debt to Equity Ratio0.48  (Should be less than 1)
ROCE33.7  %
ROE27.8 %
Stock P/E13.7
FIIS0.41 %
DIIS1.62 %

Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd

Incorporated in 1988 as a JV between Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. (AHEL) and the Delhi Government, Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd. is a super speciality tertiary care hospital in New Delhi. The Co. currently has 52 speciality departments.

The Co. has 764 beds with 52 speciality departments located in New Delhi. The Co. opened its Noida wing with 46 beds, which is positioned as a Mother and Child Care Hospital.

Indraprastha Medical Corporation Fundamentals

Company NameIndraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd  
Current Stock Price
₹  82.0
Market Cap₹ 753 Cr
 Debt to Equity Ratio0.01 (Should be less than 1)
Stock P/E9.23
DIIS0.00 %

Marksans Pharma Ltd

Marksans Pharma is engaged in the Business of Formulation of pharmaceutical products.

Our key focus areas lie in the OTC & prescription drugs that have wide-ranging applications across fields like Oncology, Gastroenterology, Antidiabetic, Antibiotics, Cardiovascular, Pain Management, Gynaecology, among others.

Around 30% comes from Pain Management, 18% comes from Anti-Diabetic, 15% comes from Cardiovascular System(CVS), 13% comes from Cough & Cold, and the rest comes from Gastrointestinal, Central Nervous System(CNS), etc.

Marksans Pharma Fundamentals

Company NameMarksans Pharma Ltd  
Current Stock Price
₹ 68.1
Market Cap₹ 3,088  Cr
 Debt to Equity Ratio0.08 (Should be less than 1)
Stock P/E14.6

Filatex India Ltd

Filatex India Ltd. is engaged in the manufacturing and trading of synthetic yarn and textiles such as Polyester Chips, Narrow Fabrics etc.

The product offering of the Company consists of Polyester chips, Drawn Textured Yarns, Partially Oriented Yarns, Fully Drawn Yarns, Air Textured Yarns, Polypropylene Multifilament Crimp Yarns, Narrow Woven Fabrics.

Filatex India Fundamentals

Company NameFilatex India Ltd  
Current Stock Price
₹ 39.0
Market Cap₹ 1,732Cr
 Debt to Equity Ratio0.35 (Should be less than 1)
ROCE35.3 %
Stock P/E11.6

IIFL Securities Ltd

Incorporated in 1996 as a broking arm of the IIFL Group, IIFL Securities Limited provides retail and institutional equities, financial products distribution, commodity broking, currency broking, investment banking, financial planning and wealth management services to retail and institutional customers across India.

IIFL Securities Fundamentals

Company NameIIFL Securities Ltd  
Current Stock Price
₹ 55.2
Market Cap₹ 1,683Cr
 Debt to Equity Ratio0.55 (Should be less than 1)
Stock P/E6.95

Geojit Financial Services Ltd

Geojit Financial Services Limited offers a complete spectrum of financial services including online broking, financial products distribution, portfolio management services, margin funding, etc.

Geojit Financial Services Fundamentals

Company NameGeojit Financial Services Ltd  
Current Stock Price
₹ 45.6
Market Cap₹ 1,087Cr
 Debt to Equity Ratio0.12 (Should be less than 1)
Stock P/E10.5

Manali Petrochemicals Ltd

Incorporated in 1986, Manali Petrochemicals Limited manufactures and sells Propylene Oxide (PO), Propylene Glycol (PG) and Polyols (PY), which are used as industrial raw materials. Located in Chennai, the company is the only domestic manufacturer of Propylene Glycol. Also, it is the first and largest Indian manufacturer of Propylene Oxide which is the input material for the aforesaid derivative products.

Manali Petrochemicals Fundamentals

Company NameManali Petrochemicals Ltd  
Current Stock Price
₹ 67.9
Market Cap₹ 1,168Cr
 Debt to Equity Ratio0.01 (Should be less than 1)
Stock P/E9.45

Tamil Nadu Petro Products Ltd

Tamilnadu Petroproducts Limited, headquartered at Chennai, Tamilnadu, India is jointly promoted by Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Limited (SPIC) and Tamilnadu Industrial Development Corporation Limited (TIDCO) and is engaged in the business of petrochemical products viz, Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB), Caustic Soda, Chlorine and Propylene Oxide.

Tamil Nadu Petro Products Fundamentals

Company NameTamil Nadu Petro Products Ltd  
Current Stock Price
₹ 81.0
Market Cap₹ 728Cr
 Debt to Equity Ratio0.03 (Should be less than 1)
Stock P/E6.74

Meghmani Organics Ltd

Founded in 1986 as M/s Gujarat Industries, the company was incorporated in 1995 as Meghmani Organics Limited. The company manufactures Pigments and Agrochemicals through its 6 manufacturing facilities located in Gujarat.

 The company is amongst the top 3 Phthalocyanine based pigment players in the world and amongst the top 10 producers of pesticides in India.

Meghmani Organics Ltd (MOL) manufactures green and blue pigment products, which are used to manufacture printing ink, plastic, paints, textiles, leather, and rubber.

It also manufactures a wide variety of commonly used pesticides for crop and non-crop applications, this include insect control in wood preservation and food grain storage.

Meghmani Organics Fundamentals

Company NameMeghmani Organics Ltd  
Current Stock Price
₹ 93.6
Market Cap₹ 2,377Cr
 Debt to Equity Ratio0.41 (Should be less than 1)
Stock P/E8.32


These are the list of some good penny stocks, some of these stocks have touched the high of INR 100, but after a correction now they are trading at attractive valuation.

This is the end of the post “Best penny stocks to buy right now”, hope you got some value from this post. Please write your valuable suggestion below in comment section.

Disclaimer: On this page all the mentioned entries are based on the date, the post was written, these could be change in future.

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