Best Motivational quotes for Stock Market Trader

motivational quotes

In this article you will find some best motivational quotes for a person who is demotivated in his life and specially for a stock market trader, by reading these quotes , it will definitely inspire you and you will get a new kick for your life.

The man who has confidence in himself

Gains the confidence of Others

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Best Motivational quotes

The Only way to do Great work is to Love What you Do

IF  you have not found it yet, keep looking don’t settle

You learn more from failure than from success.

Don’t let it stop you , Failure builds Character

The Market is a device for transferring money

 from  the impatient to Patient

A Good Trader Skill

Strong numeracy skill
Good physicial and mental stamina
Independent thinking
Alertness and decisiveness under pressure
Control on emotions

Time is your friend , Impulse is your Enemy.

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Do not be embarrassed by your failures, Learn from them, and Start again.

There is a huge difference between , A good trade and a good Trading.

He who knows , When he can fight and when he can not , will be victorious.

It’s Ok to be wrong,  It’s unforgivable to stay Wrong.

Hope is a bogus Emotions

That only costs you money

Don’t blindly follow someone

Follow the Market And try to

Hear what it is telling you

Frankly I don’t see markets

 I see Risks, Rewards and Money

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Disclaimer:- all the motivational quotes above are not the property of Invest and Earn, they have been

used from internet and different websites and books, we have only tried to give them a unique look and feel.

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